A pet is an animal used by human beings for protection, company or entertainment. Examples of common pets are cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, parrots, and chicken. For a pet to serve its master well, provision of food is very critical.

Things to remember when buying pet food

Nutritional valuepetfooooooooood

Different pets have different nutritional requirements. Consult a qualified veterinarian to help you decide on a diet that will ensure that you do not hamper the growth of the pet. Carnivorous pets are fed on animal based proteins since they have
amino acids necessary for healthy muscles and improve immunity.

Lifestyle of the pet

The same type of pet with different owners will develop different eating habits. Give the pet food that it is used to, for it to enjoy and get its nutritive value.


Ingredients give a full picture of the nutritive value of the food you buy. The label claim of each ingredient should also meet specifications laid down the food control bodies. Avoid foods that have a lot of chemical additives and preservatives.


Only purchase food items that are packed in intact package free from any signs of tempering. This ensures that the product is not contaminated in any way. Similarly, avoid secondary packaging since the food could be from bulk, or from unknown sources.

Manufacturing and expiry dates

You find this information on the package, and it assists in establishing how much to buy so that it does not get spoilt at home. Any brand that does not give this information must never be purchased.

Change of diet

If a diet of a pet must be changed, it should be done slowly whereby the portion of the new food is served with the old food, and then the size gradually increased.

Food supplement

This would occur when the pet is recovering from illness, or it is in its advanced age. This is mainly for nutrition that you do not get in commercial diets. These could be vitamins or antioxidants.

Avoid human food

Some human foods can be harmful to pets. These are garlic, raisins, and onions. Be careful to learn the type of human foods that might endanger your pet’s life.

Cooking for pets

Pet owners should consider buying fresh ingredients the cooking for their pet. Freshness and nutritive value of the food will be assured.

Life of the pet

Consider the type of petyyouuuuuuuuuuthe pet, the age, breed, size and any health issues at hand when buying pet food. A dog, a cat and a hamster will have different needs. Similarly, younger pets, sick ones or those in gestation periods should be fed differently.